About Us

Welcome to Midwest Miners, an online mining company founded in Wisconsin, USA. we do our best to bring a variety of mining equipment to supply your needs. With a small selection of top of the line gear, we're able to give you more focused help.

Our Aim

The satisfaction of our customers and that can only be guaranteed if we cater to all their needs with the best products and service. Our shop offers specialized mining equipment, support and soon to offer cloud hashing. All products sold here are top quality, which is just another way to secure your satisfaction.

Our Products

We carry a variety of GPU mining rigs, ASIC miners, Rig Rack Frames, and more accessories you may need in your mining endeavor. We will soon offer cloud hashing contracts if you'd prefer us to handle everything and you would receive payments in cryptocurrency.

Our Customer Service

We strive to offer the best customer service out there. Our focus is to be highly accessible and present whenever you need our assistance! Whether you have a quesiton you need to ask about our products or need more information about us, get in touch with our staff anytime. We are available for your every need-from regular customer service to helping you choose the right product for your mining needs. You can contact us via Live Chat (Messenger), our Contact Page, or Email. (Soon to offer phone support).